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When you watch your favorite rapper, singer or performer on television or in concert it's fun to try and mimic their dance moves. When you watch hip hop dance videos that offer dance instructions, you'll instantly recognize many of the top moves you've seen before. Many people want to learn the newest dance moves and use them when they visit a club. Being able to dance like them is not only impressive to others it's a great way to stay in shape and have lots of fun.

Choreographers work closely with music celebrities to create impressive dance routines that are innovative and entertaining. If your favorite artist happens to be a hip hop star you can actually learn how to dance like them by practicing their moves at home. As you watch the dancers do their thing, you'll soon wish that you could perform those same moves. Many choreographers are now producing hip hop dance videos that give you the feeling you're getting one-on-one dance lessons.

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Many video sharing websites such as youtube feature the top hip hop dance videos by choreographers and make them easy to find. You can download hip hop dance videos that professional choreographers have produced in order to learn, practice and perfect their moves. You can quickly scan through the videos to find one featuring the dances that you've seen your favorite star doing. The videos contain detailed instructions that help you master the steps individually. Once you've done this you'll be shown how to string them together to resemble the same moves that you see on the hottest hip hop dance videos.

As long as you are healthy, your age isn't that important when it comes to learning hip hop dance moves. Dancing is a fabulous form of aerobic exercise that you can do just about anywhere. Even if you aren't planning on hitting the clubs to show off your new moves, you can use the hip hop dance videos to get in shape. And when you add the right music, it can be a fun and exhilarating form of working out. You can learn at your own pace and continue improving your dance steps until you've perfected your new routine.

Whether you want to learn the newest dance steps for fun or for personal fitness, downloading hip hop dance videos with detailed instructions is a great idea.

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