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When you watch your favorite recording artist on television or in concert itís fun to try and mimic their dance moves. Many people want to learn the newest dance moves and use them when they visit a club.

If your favorite artist happens to be a hip hop star you can actually learn how to dance like them in the comfort of your own home. Many choreographers are now producing hip hop dance videos that give you the feeling youíre getting one-on-one dance lessons.

Choreographers work closely with music celebrities to perfect dance routines that are innovative and entertaining. As you watch them dance youíll wish that you could do the very same thing.

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You can buy hip hop dance videos that choreographers produce that will help you learn and perfect those moves. Once youíve done this youíll be shown how to string them together to resemble the same moves that you see on the current hip hop dance videos.

The fun thing about hip hop dance videos that offer instructions are that the first time you watch youíll instantly recognize many of the same moves youíve seen music stars doing.

Your age doesnít have any bearing on whether or not you can use these videos to learn how to dance.

Dancing is a wonderful aerobic workout and when you are learning it via a video at home you donít have to be self-conscious at all.

Many department stores will feature the hip hop dance videos by choreographers in their entertainment departments. You can look over the various ones and choose a video that features the dances that youíve seen your favorite star doing.

There are also many hip hop dance videos available online. Some of these are sold directly from the websites of the choreographers who youíll see featured in them.

Whether you want to learn the newest dance steps for fun or fitness purchasing hip hop dance videos with instructions is a great idea. Before long youíll be dancing just like your favorite music star.

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